Coffee Shops

If you know anything about me, you would know that I like coffee… Okay, I’m obsessed with coffee! I will stop dead in my tracks if something says coffee on it! I have a plethora of coffee mugs (15 that I can think of at the top of my head), stickers, and things that have the word coffee on them. I have to have at least one cup a day and on busier days 2-3 cups. My favorite coffee to get at coffee shops is different flavored Mochas. My top choices at the moment are the Dark Chocolate Amaretto Mocha, and a Vanilla Chai with a shot of espresso- Both from Buon Giorno. It is my dream to open an artsy coffee shop, become a barista and master latte art! There will be more blog posts on this subject about mugs,  my favorite coffee shop location wise, and coffee wise!

IMG_1190 IMG_1189

A Growing List of the Coffee Shops I’ve Been to:

Buon Giornos-Grapevine, Texas

Starbucks- All over the country *My favorite one was the one in Times Square in NYC!!*

White Rhino-Cedar Hill, Texas

Scooters-Colleyville, Texas

Edison-Highland Village, Texas

The Wild Detective-Bishop Arts District, Texas

The Well-Colleyville, Texas

Arsagas-Fayetteville, Arkansas

Momma Carmens-Fayetteville, Arkansas

Dichotomy-Waco, Texas

Common Grounds-Waco, Texas

George-Coppell, Texas

Snug on the Square-Mckinney, Texas

Kindred-North Richland Hills, Texas

Redefined-Grapevine, Texas

Roots Coffee House-North Richland Hills, Texas

Summer Moon- Keller, Texas

Avoca Coffee- FortWorth, Texas

Please Note that all of the coffee shops I’ve been to may not be on here as I am writing the names of the shops that are popping up at the top of my head! I will add them as I remember them!

Behind the Scenes

I started this blog because of my passion for creative writing. I get pulled into this world of awe and fascination as soon as my pen hits the paper. Writing is an outlet for stress, allowing me to escape reality for a bit.  The adrenaline rush I get as I watch the words come to life on a page is more than worth it. I have dreamed for so long to start my own blog and see my work published! I had the goal of starting my blog for months, and to finally have it up is so rewarding!

I spent so long living for the weekend, I believed it was the only time I had to express myself and for creativity. My sweet Momma often says to find balance in life, I juggle school work, sports, and my passions. My friend gave me the greatest advice the other day, ” You can always make time for what’s important to you.”

Here I am, finally living in the moment! Live in the moment and do what sparks joy in your life!

~Ellie LaGrange

My Ball and Chain

My thoughts spill over me like a wave pulling me further still from the shore. I continue to put up walls, unbreakable walls. The faster the thoughts crash over me, the deeper I sink. Confusion is tied to my ankle like a ball and chain.

Sometimes we don’t realize we have the tools to detach the ball and chain. It is not good for man to be alone. Walk along with others; they say that laughter is the world’s best medicine.

~Ellie LaGrange


I recently was in a Bible study with a group of girls, this is what I wish I would’ve known before going into it:

Never go into a group setting with the mindset of “what can I get out of this?” I find this mindset to be crippling because MOST of the time, it won’t go the way you had planned and you will end up being sorely dissappointed.

Instead, go in with the mindset of “how can I pour into others?” As a result of this mindset, you will be constructing positivity in others. This creates a chain reaction. I find that when one opens up in front of a group, it lifts the weight off of other’s shoulders.

You have to be willingly vulnerable in front of others. Allow yourself to be 100% honest.

~Ellie LaGrange

~You are wonderfully made~

Seek Joy

Happiness fades into a void. No more color, light, or life. Happiness changes like the seasons, falling with the autumn leaves, stripped bare like the winter trees, flourishing like with the spring flowers, and becoming bright like the summer sun in a  summer sky. Smiles fade into the dusk as quickly as the sun comes up.

Joy holds like palm trees in a hurricane. Joy is there through the storm and in the serenity of a still water. Joy grows on the tree, staying ever green, from dawn until dusk, in the storm and in the calm through the endless cycle of seasons.

Happiness is temporary, Joy lasts forever.

Seek Joy.

~Ellie LaGrange

Under the Spotlight

Often times I get so caught up in trying to make something perfect according to the world’s standard. I do this, we do this subconsciously. I toss everything aside to step into a spotlight on a stage surrounded by critics. It’s like jumping into a body of water with an anchor tied to your ankle. You’ll drown. The army of critics will constantly throw spears and stones at you for failing to thrive in perfection, one that’s impossible to reach. Have you ever thought about how no two things are exactly the same? Isn’t there beauty in that? Right, “people always get used to beauty”~ TFIOS. The longer you stand in the spotlight the more you allow the world to pick out the imperfections and highlight the negatives. I challenge you to step out of the spotlight and create your own image. “You don’t need to change, the world could change it’s heart.” ~ Wild Things

You can rest assured knowing that your imperfections are what make you imperfectly perfect!

~Ellen LaGrange