Rough Patches Create Diamonds

Hey ya’ll! The past few weeks have been rough, to say the least. I felt betrayed, and someone close to me was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Something thought to be good turned into a complete nightmare. The walls came crashing down leaving me amongst the rubble. I wanted to say “kick me while I’m down”, and life read my mind. My initial response was to shut down and give up. I sat still, took a breath, and had hard conversations. I came out on the other side of a rough week with even stronger friendships and a better understanding of what I’m looking for in life. Love is great, and it is worth fighting for. That being said, I am still not anywhere near close to having life figured out. Life is funny, confusing, not fair, beautiful, and scary. Life likes to throw curveballs at the most inopportune times. I have no idea what life holds after this season full of hurt. Regardless of the hurt, I have felt in this season, I have felt love, seen beauty, and seen what the simplicity of being kind can do. I have great hope for the future, and I know that it holds lot’s of laughter, art, writing, and more COFFEE.


“You’ll never regret being kind” ~ Momma Lew

“You are a diamond dear, they can’t break you” ~ Pravinee Hurbungs

“Never forget how wildly capable you are” ~ Unknown


Remember to practice love, kindness, and patience even in those seasons of hurt. Look for the small wins in each day, and spend time in gratitude each day. Seasons end friends! Keep fighting for what you believe in, and love yourself along the way. Love the journey and grow through what you go through.


With Love,

Ellie LaGrange