Perfectly painted skin perfectly styled hair… Perfect life. Carefully crafted illusions put on a platform, under a spotlight. Filters are placed over images to alter perspective and perception. Walls are built on sand, the insecurities of the beholder. Imperfections are forbidden and therefore hidden. Words are arrows dipped in poison and shot with precise aim. Every being blends into one, all becoming the same. Where’s the individuality? Lies lurk around the corner. Words are a ticking time bomb waiting to explode and result in mass destruction.


Imperfect skin, messy hair… An imperfectly perfect life. We live in a world where we can be put under a spotlight, but we have the power to step away and observe the world around us. We don’t need filters to change perspective and how we perceiveĀ others, better yet, how we perceive ourselves. We can choose to build a foundation placed upon joy. We don’t have to hide all of our vulnerabilities. Words are building blocks that are used to build a life up. Everyone has little quirks, making them each to their own. Instead of wondering where the individuality is and waiting for it to come, CREATE it. Surprises can await just around the corner if you’re willing to take risks. Words are keys that can open doors if you let them.

STOP limiting your view to the all of the negative things in life. What you fill your thoughts with, is what you become. Widen your view to take in the positive treasures in life. Enjoy the little things in front of you. Be kind to yourself, only you have to live with you for the rest of your life.


Best wishes,

Ellie LaGrange