Behind the Scenes

I started this blog because of my passion for creative writing. I get pulled into this world of awe and fascination as soon as my pen hits the paper. Writing is an outlet for stress, allowing me to escape reality for a bit.  The adrenaline rush I get as I watch the words come to life on a page is more than worth it. I have dreamed for so long to start my own blog and see my work published! I had the goal of starting my blog for months, and to finally have it up is so rewarding!

I spent so long living for the weekend, I believed it was the only time I had to express myself and for creativity. My sweet Momma often says to find balance in life, I juggle school work, sports, and my passions. My friend gave me the greatest advice the other day, ” You can always make time for what’s important to you.”

Here I am, finally living in the moment! Live in the moment and do what sparks joy in your life!

~Ellie LaGrange