Under the Spotlight

Often times I get so caught up in trying to make something perfect according to the world’s standard. I do this, we do this subconsciously. I toss everything aside to step into a spotlight on a stage surrounded by critics. It’s like jumping into a body of water with an anchor tied to your ankle. You’ll drown. The army of critics will constantly throw spears and stones at you for failing to thrive in perfection, one that’s impossible to reach. Have you ever thought about how no two things are exactly the same? Isn’t there beauty in that? Right, “people always get used to beauty”~ TFIOS. The longer you stand in the spotlight the more you allow the world to pick out the imperfections and highlight the negatives. I challenge you to step out of the spotlight and create your own image. “You don’t need to change, the world could change it’s heart.” ~ Wild Things

You can rest assured knowing that your imperfections are what make you imperfectly perfect!

~Ellen LaGrange